Thursday – we are going to ride bikes! Let’s spin out those legs and start to feel awake again


Friday –

SPECIAL – Yoga at 3pm at BreakOut Studios with Daniela – Stretch out that body and get mentally re-focused

ONGOING – Our progressive PILATES class is back at 4pm at BreakOut Studios with Bri – Strengthen & Stabilize the core

Please be on time for these – Yoga will be from 3pm -4pm and Pilates will be from 4pm-5pm. DO NOT come in at 3:30 (or any other in between time) please. Thank you!

We are going to test this new system out. Come for one or both. The better attendance we have the more likely we are to continue them. Take advantage!


Saturday – following morning rides, we will have our old school big breakfast at our house (with all those left over eggs, beans and bacon!) before heading over to Kidical Mass at Blenman Elm – we would like about 5-8 youth riders to join. Please comment if you can come.


Saturday– Old Man 7:15am

Big Boy 7:30am

C Team ride to the crit and race it or just watch, or lets see you Sunday.


If you are not doing the crit race and have not come to a Kidicall Mass in awhile, I would like for you to come.


Saturday– If you are doing the crit race you will be riding up there and I will post more information when I hear from you all.


Sunday– Mt Lemmon. Leaving clubhouse at 8am. ABC ride




6 Responses to “Update for this week and weekend”

  1. Kristen Long

    As we understand it Dillon will be riding in the crit on Saturday

  2. Madison

    I would love to help out with the kidical mass. I will be at Pilates at 4

  3. Pearl

    I would be going to yoga and Pilates but my knee is really hurting from crashing

  4. Russ

    Collin is home sick today. He’s run a fever on and off all week and he’s coughing up a lung currently.
    🙁 Unfortunately, he won’t be able to ride in tomorrow’s crit. Good luck and be safe.