What a fantastic weekend.


I am tired and I imagine that most of you are as well.


I want to make sure to thank everyone for their support and help throughout the weekend. We are a village and it takes all of us. Thank you all!!!!


So we will take tomorrow off, so we can all just chill and rest and get school and life in order.


News Update: Chloe is in good spirits and resting. She has some road rash on her face and 6 stitches in chin. If you want to help she really likes flowers and will need only liquid food for the next few days. We brought her a few gallons of tomato soup.


Valley Update:


Cara did amazing. She was able to ride with the pro’s all weekend and truly enjoy and test the competition.


Giancarlo got 8th in the road race and 13th in the crit. In his first races no less. Heck Yes


Tyler Stites was 6th over all GC and 5th in the Time Trial. Outstanding.


Nicholaus Zuwkowsky was top 10 in the road race.


We are now 5 weeks out from our big road bike race, The Tucson Bicycle Classic. This is what we are going to be building towards, with the other races as training and prep races.


This weekend, there is a Crit race in Oro Valley. I am going to encourage some of you to do it, as some of you need races to upgrade. I will speak with all of you about this, however I am thinking, Zaid, Giancarlo, Matthew, Ethan, Tio, to name a few off the top of my head.


Information for the race can be found here:




and: https://www.bikereg.com/Confirmed/30220


I am exhausted and look forward to seeing all of you soon.


Training Schedule:


Tuesday: Off


Wednesday: Clean bikes and Skills at the Park


Thursday: Endurance ride


Saturday: Crit race or Shoot Out


Sunday: Mt Lemmon



9 Responses to “Week of February 15th”

  1. Unai

    Hope you guys all had fun at the races!
    Can’t make it tonight, got a bunch of homework. Will be there tomorrow though.

  2. Tyler Overson

    I will not be able to make practice today. I need to get a couple school and other stuff done