The Fun keeps coming.


We are four weeks out now from TBC. The Tucson Bicycle Classic. This is our home town stage race and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the competition in the way that they are hoping.


There is no secret potion to be able to do it. You just have to put the quality work in and do it.


I want to inspire everyone to dream big and to have fun chasing a tough goal.


Everything from here until then will be an eye on TBC, so we are training through everything to get to there.


These next three weeks are going to be a big block of training. So I want to encourage everyone to emotionally and mentally prepare now to get ready for the weeks to come.


Training Plan


Tuesday– LT intervals


Wednesday– VO2 intervals at Crit course, both 3:45 and 4:30 groups


Thursday– TT– Lt Practice at Mc Cains Loop. 9am start from clubhouse


Weekend Race– Information can be found here


It is a two day race. I want to encourage all to do both. Please post about what you will be able to do.


Saturday– Time Trial in Picacho Peak


Sunday– Road Race out at Colossal Cave.  Many of you after the road race I am going to encourage to ride home from the race. Please be prepared to do so.


I will post logistic information by Wednesday about the weekend races once I can determine who is going what days.


Lets have fun trying to be our best.


Lastly on Fridays we have been trying to do a progressive Pilates class. That means each week builds on the previous week. We are very excited to offer this and are trying to find the best day and time of year to do it. Please let us know your thoughts.


What time of year would be best? Summer, off season, in season


What day might be best?


16 Responses to “Week of February the 22nd”

  1. Keenan

    Nacho I can’t do the race this coming weekend (either days) because I’m taking a class that weekend that’s all day Saturday and all day Sunday.
    Pilates is great year round I think. But I think the most attendance will probably be in the fall and winter. Plus it’s a great way to GET BUILT during the off season. Mondays are good day for me.

  2. Eve

    I’m going on a ski trip this week with my family,so I won’t be able to make it to any of the practices or races this week. I am so sorry and so bummed about it. Hope you guys all have fun.

  3. Avery

    I can and would like to do both races this weekend. Pilates is good year round in my opinion

  4. Ana

    I’d like to do both races. Pilates sounds good for summer since that’s when I have the more time and it sounds like a good thing to do before/after Summer Bike Camp

  5. Pearl

    I agree with Keenan that Monday’s are a good day. And I will be able to do both races this weekend.

  6. Tyler Overson

    I can not make Saturdays part of the race because I have to work but I can race Sunday at colossal cave.
    Also I will not be able to make practice today because I have ALOT of homework.

  7. Ben D

    I cannot make saturday’s race, but I am interested in doing Colossal Cave.
    Pilates is good year-round, and monday/friday seem to work well.

  8. Stites

    Would like to race both days, riding back from the TT if anyone wants to come.

  9. Myles

    I will not be a practice today because of a school event. And I am out of town this weekend.

  10. Tyler

    I would like to do both races in the 1/2s. I am riding back home from the TT if anyone wants to come.

  11. Steve Bohn

    Excited to hear about the EG plans to race BIG at the TBC. It is the 30th year of the race we are hoping for a GREAT turnout in the respective junior classes!
    I will not be able to help as an assistant coach on Wed’s for a while until I resolve my leg issue, but hope to be back in the saddle soon.

  12. Izzie

    First off I like pilates year round and Friday works best for me. Also, I would like to know what time we would be back by tomorrow. Thank you!

  13. Izaac

    My sister and I would both like to go to both races. Thank you for all the time you spend Ignacio & dayella.