What a great weekend. Well done everyone, riders, parents, coaches and everyone involved in the organization, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


After all the hard work we have put in and the emotion that it takes to try and do your best over three days, its time to rest, and rest hard.


The next three days will be off. Enjoy Spring Break.


Thursday I would like to ride Redington Pass. This is a ride for Cross Bikes or your Mountain bike. We are going to enjoy it as a beautiful adventure ride that just gets us out. We will drive out to the base and start from there. Start times will be posted on Wednesday night–ish.


During rest is when you get stronger. Its when your body has a chance to soak up all the hard work, and rebuild stronger. Recovery is critical, but you can’t recover unless you recover emotionally as well. So take time to enjoy SPRING Break.


Over the weekend:


Saturday– Old man 6:45

Big Boy 7am

Veronique Ride– 7:15 am. Coaches choice mountain or road. Please read comments!


Sunday– 7:30am start

Mt. Lemmon and possible MTB ride if we have the coaches.

3 Responses to “Congratulations!!!”

  1. ignacio

    On thursday there will be an afternoon practice as well at 4:30pm. It will be a beautiful bike ride.

  2. Veronique

    7:15 Saturday: come prepared to play in the dirt. See you on Mountain Bicycles on Saturday!

    • Beryl

      How long will the ride be? I am trying to plan for the weekend and have to be at Ft. Lowell Park at 10 a.m.