All information for the race can be found above on the hyper link.


Juniors race starts at 8am.

Since its the first race of the day we can warm up on course and thus we only need to get there an hour and a half early.


So we will leave the clubhouse at 6am sharp.

Arrive on site at 6:30am.


All juniors you are going to be allowed and encouraged to race more than once.


Juniors van will leave the race and head to the clubhouse at approximately 1:30pm, after the womens 3/4 race


     El Grupo Race Day Checklist: Road Race


     Control your controllables! Here’s what you need for road race events…



  1. Your bike! Cleaned, lubed and tires checked for damage. 
  2. Shoes. Glasses. Gloves. 
  3. Your kit! Also, bring a spare kit to warm up and/or cool down. 
  4. WARM stuff. (Arm warmers, vest, rain jacket etc.) You never know! 
  5. Wind trainer or rollers if it isn’t possible to warm up on the course. 
  6. 2 water bottles for the race. 3-5 water bottles for warm up/cool down. 
  7. Gels or bars or whatever food you need before, during and after. 
  8. Race number pinned on & ready to go. Do it the night before if possible. 
  9. Spare wheels. You never know! 
  10. Change of clothes. 
  11. Winning attitude.










U23 racers: If you want a van and Lirian can drive it, let me know