Unfortunately none of our amazing coaches are available for practice on Saturday.


That said I am asking and hoping maybe some of the team captains can step up and lead.


I am hoping to have one more crit practice before race day.


Same as we have been doing. Cruise down there, warm up, and then do 2, 3 lap races. After that cruise home nice and easy.




Captains please post here if you will be able to help, if not riders do what you can on Saturday to stay fresh and excited. Have a great time this weekend.

4 Responses to “Saturday Practice”

  1. Cara

    I wasn’t going to go to the crit course, but I am going to be on the shootout. Just to the bridge and I can regroup with anyone there.

  2. Tyler Overson

    Since I have work in the morning Im going out to the crit course a bit early in the morning welcome anyone who wants to join me. I will be leaving the clubhouse at 6 a.m.