State Crit Information

Departure from Clubhouse 6:00am sharp Sunday morning. Arrive on time to pack up.

We should be home around 4pm.

Remember to bring:



El Grupo Race Day Checklist: Road Race


     Control your controllables! Here’s what you need for road race events…



  1. Your bike! Cleaned, lubed and tires checked for damage.
  2. Shoes. Glasses. Gloves.
  3. Your kit! Also, bring a spare kit to warm up and/or cool down.
  4. WARM stuff. (Arm warmers, vest, rain jacket etc.) You never know!
  5. Wind trainer or rollers if it isn’t possible to warm up on the course.
  6. 2 water bottles for the race.
  7. Gels or bars or whatever food you need before, during and after. A sack lunch too.
  8. Race number pinned on & ready to go. Do it the night before if possible.
  9. Spare wheels. You never know!
  10. Change of clothes with team t shirt.
  11. Winning attitude.



For the crit riders please print out and have this paper signed:



San Dimas Information

Leaving 9am Thursday morning. It is a long drive so dress appropriately and bring snacks. We will of course have food but if there is something you like, then bring it. Also bring homework and things to read, and music to listen to.

We will be staying at a friends house, so please be prepared to be on best behavior. We will sleep on the floor, on couches, and wherever we can, so if you have a small blow up mattress or a military cot to sleep on, that would be very helpful to you.

I will print out a packing list. Plan on it being a little cold and bring your favorite pillow as well.

We will be returning very late on Sunday night.



This is a good video please click and watch

2 Responses to “State Crit and San Dimas Information”

  1. Ben

    Previously, I believe, Max and I mentioned that we sorta can’t leave before ~12 because of school. Is that a possibility?

  2. Russ

    Collin will be doing the Crit on Sunday. Not sure but we will most likely drive him there.