Results are here for the time trial:


Here are the notes from before:


Saturday. Road Race in Green Valley


Cat 5 men, All Juniors, Women 4’s


We will need to be at the race at 5:45am.


Which means we need to leave at 5am from the clubhouse. I will be ready to go.


I will need another parent driver for a second van I think. However maybe not because some parents will drive their kids.


Parking is again limited, so be prudent.


After your race please go straight home, vans will be departing.


Pro Women and Men 2,3,4


We need to be on site at no later than 8am.


So we should leave the clubhouse at 7:30am. Daniela will drive a van for this wave.

One Response to “TBC info”

  1. Russ

    I will bring Collin to the clubhouse to ride with the team but he will ride home with his dad.Thanks.