All information about the race can be found here:


Here are notes for all of us though:




Time Trial Day. Below are the approximate start times for each group.


I will leave with the first van from the clubhouse at 9:45am.


Daniela will leave with a van from the clubhouse at 11am.


A third van should leave the clubhouse at 12:30pm. I Need a DRIVER FOR THIS VAN. 


As each wave of kids finishes a van could return.


Parents, if you are going to drive your kid out there please know that parking is limited and things will get congested. Also, I will need help putting pop up tents up and getting kids in and out of trainers. Your help with that would be very appreciated. Thanks for helping to make things run smoothly!


All Women 12:00 NOON

Jr. 9 to 18 2:00 PM

Men 5 2:30 PM

Men 4 to Pro 3:00-5:30 PM +/



Saturday. Road Race in Green Valley


Cat 5 men, All Juniors, Women 4’s


We will need to be at the race at 5:45am.


Which means we need to leave at 5am from the clubhouse. I will be ready to go.


I will need another parent driver for a second van I think. However maybe not because some parents will drive their kids.


Parking is again limited, so be prudent.


After your race please go straight home, vans will be departing.


Pro Women and Men 2,3,4


We need to be on site at no later than 8am.


So we should leave the clubhouse at 7:30am. Daniela will drive a van for this wave.




All racers will meet at the clubhouse before their starts. We will then ride over to the start as warm up.


Parents I would like to ask one of you to drive a van and trailer up to the race. It will be packed with water, chairs, pop tents and other such things.


Women 4– leave at 5:45am


Men cat 4, 5 and all juniors– We leave the clubhouse at 7:30am


Pro women and men 2,3– Leave the clubhouse at 9:15am.


Each day please bring with you:


A change of clothes (including EG t-shirt), walking shoes, a hat and sunnies


2 Water bottles that are not your favorites


Your race numbers


A bag to keep all your stuff in


Food especially on Friday and Saturday. We will have snacks, but you will want to recover the way you like to do as quickly as possible


A great attitude and team spirit







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