Congratulations to all that stayed the course in training.


Believing in yourself is hard. Working hard is hard. Trying to be your very best is hard. Few believe in themselves enough to try to be there best.


Too many of us worry about other people when we evaluate our progression and who we are. The only person that you should ever gauge yourself upon is you.


Case in point. If you started the season riding A Mtn going up in 13 minutes and now you are at 10 minutes that is a fantastic improvement that we should all cheer and congratulate.


We should not think ten minutes is slow, others do it in 6 minutes. What matters is your progression and you believing in yourself.


Sports is just an extension of you. Its the same extension of you that will play out in the working world or school. If you can’t believe in yourself on the bike, then its going to be very hard to believe in yourself in other facets of your life.


I really harp on this a lot, but to me this is the essence of what we do on this team.


So congratulations to everyone who truly worked as hard as they could over these last three weeks. You have truly earned this rest week and I am confident you will reap the rewards this coming weekend.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Recovery ride. No spandies. Also we will leave at 5pm, because in the first half hour I hope to put clip on aero bars on many of you bikes. Then we can cruise and get used to them.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 Endurance ride around TBC circuit course.


Thursday– Openers at Crit course.



TBC Logistics


Stay tuned on Wednesday I will put full weekend information up.




Also this past weekend we had a Kidicall Mass and I was very unimpressed with our team participation. It was in the newsletter and I reminded you all on practice on Thursday. One weekend a month to go on a ride with other kids is not too much to ask. 


If you read this please let me know what was this past weekend. Parents do not tell your kids. I want to know if they read.



17 Responses to “TBC Weekend”

  1. Dillon

    i was racing in phoenix and so was unable to participate in the kidicall mass, but i wanted to

  2. Madison

    This passed weekend was the kidicall mass. So excited for rest week!!

  3. Jack S

    I wasn’t at the kidical mass because I’m on vacation. See you soon!

  4. Tyler Overson

    I can’t make practice today. I just got back into town. Traffic on the 10 was insane. I’m sorry. I’m going to go a ride still when I get back To my place

  5. Kaileen

    kidical mass, mccains loop, and a mnt. bike ride was this past weekend.