Thinking more about the right training we need to do, tomorrow we will not be riding Redington. We are going to go on a beautiful 2 hour endurance ride. Starting at 8am.


Other who are in school or who would rather pedal in the afternoon, we are going to have 4:30 practice and head to the crit course.


This weekend.


There is a Crit in Marana. I would like everyone who is not doing San Dimas to go to it. This will be your final tune up then for the State Crit which will be the next weekend. Please post in the next two days if you can go.


All others racing San Dimas. I would like for you to ride the Shoot Out. Please let me know.


Kids I would like to see at San Dimas, Again please post if you can go. We will be leaving on Thursday morning and thus missing two days of school. Leaving the 31st and returning the 3rd.


U23 team

Cole, Kajeme, Matthew, Ethan


Pearl Stay home and win a state championship then lets get ready for Gila.



At least our cross winds are not this bad

21 Responses to “Tomorrow, This weekend and San Dimas”

  1. Madison

    As so for both crits, I would like to do both Juniors and Cat4

  2. Eve

    I can’t make it to the crit this weekend,because I will be on a vacation.

  3. Izzie

    I will be at the girls mtb ride this weekend, and can’t make it to marana. I would love to go to state, though. Thank you!

  4. Chuck

    I made plans for Thursday afternoon figuring you were only riding in the morning. See you all soon!

  5. Unai

    I would like to do both Crits, 4/5s for the marana crit, and juniors for state.