We are two weeks into a large block of training, and I totally understand if many of us are tired right now. Mentally and emotionally. I get it. We are in the thick of a tough stretch right now, but the end is near and some fun goals are before us. Stay strong this week, mentally and emotionally, because if you can follow through this week the pay off is great.


There a lot of different events coming up so please take note:


This weekend there are races in Phoenix on Saturday and Sunday. I would like to encourage some of the kids to go up on Saturday. I want to encourage only the kids that need race starts to move up in categories. So the CAT5 boys that need starts to move up to the 4’s. Such as Dillon, Kisiel, Ethan, Zaid, Patrick, Riccatello, Samuel Zukowsky, Rogan, jack. Here is information for the race:




Next weekend is our in town Stage Race the Tucson Bicycle classic. More information here:




Then after that we get a weekend off before:


Option 1 San Dimas Stage Race. This is an invite only race as its the next level in competition. I will be speaking to folks who I think are ready.




Option 2. Arizona State Crit Championships. Information can be found here:






But here is how I am viewing the next few weeks:


Week of March 7th: Week 3 of big block


Week of March 14th: Rest and Prep week for TBC


Week of March 21st: TUSD spring Break and chill week with one adventure ride on Thursday


Week of March 28th: Build and prep for Crit champs or San Dimas


Week of April 4th: Get the MTB’s back out and start to Look forward to Whiskey


Also in the next few months, we will be doing a large team road ride in Duncan AZ at a Gran Fondo,

preparing for Whiskey and Gila and then having fun on the Luna Lake Bike Tour.




Training Plan 


Tuesday: Endurance ride or skills training. If you have been on the team for over a year please be prepared to go ride. If you have not been come in plain clothes and be ready to go to the park.


Wednesday: Over Under Intervals


Thursday: Crit racing. Legit racing this time.


Saturday: Old Man 6:45

Big Boy 7 am

C Team MTB ride with the Veronique and Shawn


Sunday: Driving out to McCains for TT practice.


Also on Sunday all riders be prepared to stay after practice for a mandatory youth only meeting. Bring a change of clothes if you like as well and some treats will be provided.



Also if you have half an hour please watch this race finish it is beautiful team work on display:







6 Responses to “Week of March 7th”

  1. Sam A

    I will not be at practice tomorrow for a choir concert for school.

  2. Russ

    Collin will not be at practice today because he has to stay after for a group project in German class. Sorry, for the late notice.

  3. Veronique

    Hey Saturday Mountain Bike riders: we leave at 8a. Shawn and I are looking forward to riding in the dirt with you.