I could not be prouder. Way to go El Grupo. This team fills me with joy. Thank you for the opportunity one and all to a be a part of your lives.


Also a HUGE thank you to Coaches Morgan and Shawn for their work this weekend at the State Crit champs. What a Haul you guys brought in!!!!


Tomorrow practice is no Spandies skills at the park on Road bikes.


If anyone has small, trash can ball, balls that they can bring to give to the team that would be magic.



5 Responses to “Busting Proud”

  1. Ana

    I will not be able to go to practice until Saturday. I have a concert on Thursday and my last rehearsal is today for my other concert. I am sorry and see you Saturday

  2. rip

    Hey i won’t be able to go to practice Thursday because I have a science thing in pheonix

  3. Quinn

    I’ve gotten sick again and will not make it to practice today.