Here we go:


Whiskey riders:

Dillon, Collin, Rogan, Izaac, Jack, Unai, Ripley, Quinn, Izzie


Please be ready to leave the clubhouse tomorrow at 6am super sharp. Shawn is driving you all down and wants to impress the idea of punctuality on you all. So please be ready to leave the clubhouse at 6am super sharp. So arrive earlier to prepare. Also others not riding Whiskey please post if you want to go. I am thinking Susie and Kaileen.



Gila Riders:

Patrick, Avery, Cole, Ethan, Pearl, Sam, Kajeme, Zaid, Riccitello, Colter


You are all leaving the clubhouse at 7:30am sharp to ride down and then up. Morgan and Damon Overson are then going to drive down. If you want your mountain bikes to be in the trailer please be at the clubhouse at 7:15 to pack up your bikes. Also please all necessary equipment, shoes, clothes etc. to make the trip fun.



All riders please bring a change of clothes and a lot of food to make the day fun.

3 Responses to “Hopkins Sunday Information”

  1. Kaileen

    I won’t be able to make it to the ride, but I will help out at the swap meet.