Duncan Riders: Please remember a sweatshirt or jacket. It will be colder at night than you think. Also bring at least 3 kits and have a good hat. You will need applicable camping supplies as well. So don’t forget a pillow.


Why is everyone not going to Duncan?


I struggled over this one. On the one hand I want to support a small town that is trying to grow an event to become an economic driver for the region, while I also want to ensure that I am preparing the youth as best as possible for the goals that are approaching. Unfortunately not many racers at all signed up for the race so the race experience was not going to be as rich as I hoped.  Also for the kids that are riding Whiskey they need to be on their mountain bikes for another great ride, before we head out to Prescott. So in the end to support the event we are sending a small group and I do hope that next year it is large team event.


Whiskey Riders


This Saturday you are going on another great dirt road adventure. Reddington Pass. Please be very prepared to leave the clubhouse on Saturday at 6am. Remember a change of clothes, riding food, a lunch for after the ride, and plenty of sugar water. This will be a four hour ride at least.


If you are not riding Gila or Whiskey then I encourage you to do this Reddington ride as your weekend ride. Bring your mountain bike and a smile. Its beautiful out there.


This ride will be led by the great Grupito Coaches, Lynn and Morgan.


Sunday Whiskey riders if you want to ride road bikes up Mt Lemmon with the Gila kids that would be great.



Gila Riders


Saturday we shoot out and all will finish on A Mtn.

Sunday we ride the Lemmon.


For all riders this is it. This is last weekend push before we rest for the races. So hang in there. Be mentally and emotionally tough and lets finish strong.

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