A lot going on so please read close so you have all the information you need.


Whiskey Riders: I hope that you are able to plan and get all your school work in order so that you can leave Thursday after school. Morgan and Lynn will be driving up with team vans. There will be a car leaving after school on Friday, but very limited seating. We are planning that most of you will go up on Thursday. Please post as to what you will be able to do.


I will have a gear list available for all tomorrow.


Training Plan


We have been working so hard over the last 3 weeks and now it is time to rest to get prepared. Remember to do all the little things right over the next week, they add up. I know I say this all the time, but it is important.


Tuesday: Whiskey Riders– Fun skills day

Gila Riders– TT practice at recovery pace


Wednesday: Whiskey Riders– Skills and openers 4:30 only

Gila Riders– Recovery Ride 4:30 only


Thursday– No Whiskey Practice

Gila Riders– Endurance ride


Saturday– Old Man Shoot Out 5:45am.

C Team and non Whiskey riders– maybe an MTB ride with Veronique


Sunday– All off




Newben, Ripley, Patrick, Chloe, Colter, Cole, Madison, Ricatello, Quinn, Ada, Luke


You are still yet to hand in your lights. You will not be allowed to attend your end of season races if you do not turn them in or pay for them. This is the last warning.


Also Please let us know if you are going to be riding on the Luna Lake Bike Tour this year it is over Memorial Day weekend, leaving the 27th of May and returning the 30th of May. More information can be found here:





23 Responses to “The big ones before us”

  1. Madison

    I did turn my lights in with Ignacio, and i will be doing Luna Lake Tour along with my dad.

    • Rogan

      I can go up on Thursday for the Whiskey and I would like to do the Luna Lake Bike Tour in May.

  2. Unai

    I can leave on thursday for the whiskey.

    I will be on a trip as soon as school gets out, so I won’t be able to do Luna.

  3. Jack

    I will be leaving Thursday after school for whiskey and I would love to do the Luna Lake Bike Tour.

  4. Veronique

    I’d love to take a group out on Saturday for some MTB fun. I must hear from you that you are going, otherwise there will be no ride. You can post here or text me: 977-6461. If we go, it will be for 2-3 hours starting a 7 from the clubhouse.

  5. Veronique

    Parents of the Saturday MTB riders: I’d like to drive out to Fantasy or Honeybee which will extend the time of our ride to about 4 hrs. Please text me if that does not work for you. 977-6461

  6. Kyle

    I’d love to be at Luna lake. I’ll be riding fully loaded as a trial for Europe.