Thank you everyone who helped out with Cyclovia. It definitely takes the village and I appreciate your dedication to the team.


There is a lot more to come this week and weekend so please stay up to date.


One great way to stay informed is to read the newsletter Daniela puts together.


This weekend:


Saturday is the Scavenger Hunt. All youth are expected to participate and ride. Maybe with your families, or just with your friends, but all are expected to ride. You will be able to ride the shoot out to the bridge first then return for the race. More information about the hunt can be found on the blog.


Sunday. All are expected to ride up Mt Hopkins. Some will get driven out, some will ride out, all with get driven back. More details to come later in the week.


Sunday is also the swap meet. I will need baked goods. Also I will need some parent volunteer help, as I want the kids to ride.



Training for the week: This is week 2 of a build. Be mentally prepared for some hard work.


Tuesday: Whiskey riders on MTB’s, Gila riders on road bikes


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30. Whiskey riders on MTB’s and Gila riders on road bikes, for both time slots.


Thursday: All on road bikes.


Tomorrow I will post about Cara’s experience at her first Pro race!! Stay tuned.




5 Responses to “Week of April 11th”

  1. Ignacio

    For all of you who would rather pay CASH for the scavenger hunt, we will have sign ups at Wednesday practice from 330 -430. $15 for youth. If you wait until Saturday you will be charged the $10 extra for a total of $25. Or you could just do this online and be done!

  2. Eve

    I can’t make it to practice today,but I’ll be there tomorrow.

  3. Kaileen

    I won’t be able to make to practice Thursday I have an orthodontist appointment, but my mom and I will make bake goods for this weekend