What a crazy time of year, after all that happened this weekend we have three more weekend of travel fun before us.


This weekend we heading out to Duncan Arizona for some racing. We are going to leave Friday after school at approx. 3:30 if we can. I will have much more detailed information by wednesday.


Then the following weekend many will head to Prescott for Whiskey, which is shortly followed by Gila.


The good news is after all that we will take a healthy and much need rest.


Training for the week: This is week 3 in the build, so come emotionally ready.


Tuesday: MTB riders on MTB’s

Road riders on road bikes


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30 both road and mountain rides.


Thursday: Road bikes only.


Friday: Drive out to Duncan

4 Responses to “Week of April 19th”

  1. Cole Lanning

    I am going to my aunt’s wedding this weekend in Phoenix and wont be going to Duncan.

  2. Ana

    I cannot make it to practice today. I have a last minute Doctors appointment