Whiskey riders are:

Juanny, Dillon, Collin, Rogan, Izaac, Chloe, Jack, Unai, Tio, Ripley, Quinn, Izzie


Gila riders are:

Patrick, Madison, Ana, Avery, Cole, Ethan, Pearl, Samuel, Kajeme, Zaid, Matthew


We have one month to go and I hope to encourage you all to put together an amazing month of training. These are very hard events that you will need all your powers for and I want all of you to be able to enjoy the competition.


Please do your best to have great attendance and effort.




Gila riders 6:15 Old Man shoot with extra this week


Whiskey riders 7:30 am start





Mt Lemmon 7am start



Oh and the Queen is this Sunday



2 Responses to “Weekend of April 9th and 10th”

  1. Daniela

    PLEASE NOTE that we do need some of you to volunteer for the Cyclovia this Sunday. The doodle poll went out in the insider newsletter this week and is here too: http://doodle.com/poll/5h5vbzipk2tp24k3

    The expectation is that you are either volunteering with Cyclovia (this Sunday) or the Scavenger Hunt or the Bike Swap Meet (both next weekend).


  2. Quinn

    still don’t feel great but i’ll be back on sunday for the ride