Gila Riders:

Inserting a gear list to the blog is a pain in the butt.

However: Bring a sleeping bag and pillow and all  necessary homework.

Four days of clothes, toiletries and a good hat.

Everything needs to fit in one bag and a back pack.

Please don’t be the person who bring 3 bags and one super huge one. PACK SMART

It will be cold so pack smart.


Van Number one is leaving on Tuesday at 1pm.


Van Number two is leaving a 3:00pm on Wednesday.


This week: If you rode Whiskey take Tuesday and Wednesday off.


If you did not and would like to go mountain biking with the available coaches, you need to post and let them know.


Thursday: All endurance road ride.


Weekend: Please riders discuss with coaches if there is something in particular that you would like to do and let them know.


More: I will post tomorrow of the amazing accomplishments of the riders at Whiskey.

3 Responses to “Gila rides, this week and more”

  1. Veronique

    I wish I could ride this week–my crew had a blast Saturday! But, I’ll be smelling ocean breezes through the redwoods in Santa Cruz. Looking forward to shredding it up when Shawn and I return. Good luck Gila riders!

  2. Matt Jones

    I will be there tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4:30 for those who want to MTB, we’ll keep it on the short but fun side.