Thank you all for honoring the break period. Not only was it important that we finished school strong and focused on it, we also need to take time off the bike, to get excited and ready to get back on. There are countless numbers of articles on this all over the web, but here are two good links:


Why Taking Time off the Bike Now Will Make you Faster Next Year



Luna Lake is perfectly timed for us because as we leave the off period and move into our transition this will be a great way for us to get miles in and also to come together as a team.


After Luna we will have a week of strength and skills training before we get to bike camp.


During the weeks of bike camp we are going to work on MTB skills and strength. We are going to have cross training workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before camp hours and Tues and Thursday evening no spandies skills days. Then we will ride on the weekends. Sundays being Mandatory.


That will take us to the end of June. This will be our transition back to the bike and going fast. The last week in June and first week of July will be OFF.


Then come the second week of July and its go time again to get ready for the HSMTB league. We have plenty of time, but time only counts if you look ahead and plan with purpose.


Also, this plan will only work if you all commit to it and trust yourselves to work as hard as you can.

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