Thank you all for a great weekend. I had a great time and I know you all did as well.


We are now going to move into cross training season and skills development.


Tomorrow Wednesday the 1st of June

7:30am meet at Clubhouse

8am super sharp Cross training starts

9:00 am Cross training over – a time to chill, change and eat

9:30am Team meeting about camp and summer

10am –noon Clubhouse cleanup

Anybody and everybody working bike camp must come and help clean up. I also want to see you at cross training.



Noon meet up to continue cleaning and prepping for bike camp.



Shoot out if you like



Mandatory MTB day.

5 Responses to “Post Luna Lake”

  1. Steve Bohn

    Also Body Works Pilates program starting this Thursday 1-4 for the EG riders/coaches that signed up…

  2. Madison

    I will be there tomorrow until 10:50, because I have work at 11:30. And I will not be working any bike camps

  3. Collin Kisiel

    I will not be here on saturday or sunday because i will be in Colorado for a mountain bike camp.

  4. Kristen Long

    What time on Sunday and where is the ride
    Wondering if we can be slow and behind?