Some of you are coming in a teaching capacity (and had some training in this already) and all others are welcome to join!

May 22– Ride Like a Girl! A joint effort of El Grupo ladies with Coach Veronique’s Bell Joy Ride. Mountain bike skills, riding, snacks and drinks!
You will need to be at the clubhouse at 5am in your kits and with your MTB ready to go. We will drive up to the meeting location (Bicycle Ranch) and then out to ride and back for food. Lunch will be provided by El Grupo for youth riders joining in.
You can expect to be back at the clubhouse by noon.
Please comment to let me know if we are expecting you so early on Sunday! Thanks!

7 Responses to “Reminder – El Grupo ladies event Sunday!”

  1. Daniela

    Another option would be to meet us at the Bicycle Ranch (bike shop) no later than 6am with your bike and ready to go! Let me know if you are going to do that instead.

  2. Sue

    Hello! I am going, and so are Madison, Ana, Ada, Kaileen and Eve we’ll see you Sunday!

  3. Eve

    Is there any way my dad could pick me up at 9:00am somewhere,because I have a school concert at 10:30am.

  4. Kaileen

    This is Kim, Kaileen’s mom and I will meet you at the Bicycle Ranch (bike shop) at 6am