Saturday – SLEEP IN! You all have worked hard over the course of the semester on and off the bike. Rest up! But do plan a good spin with some openers before it gets too hot, if you are doing the TT on Sunday.


Sunday – Time Trial Info

Based on your responses, here is who we signed up: Avery, Quinn, Matthew, Jack, Susie, Kaileen, Ana, Pearl, Cara, Rogan, Dillon, Kajeme, Ethan, Colter, Samuel, Isaac, Izzie


All Event Info can be found here:

The exact start list will be made available around 7pm on Friday, May 13th on the same page. (As a general rule, you will want to be on site no later than 1 hour prior to your start time.)


Planning ahead based on projected start times – we will need to have all riders there by no later than 5:45am on site!


This means LEAVING THE CLUBHOUSE AT 4:45AM. (please note – this could be moved only slightly later once the actual start list is posted)


PARENTS – PLEASE COMMENT if you are planning on driving separately from your house and/or are willing to help drive others from the clubhouse so we can arrange if one or two vans/trailers are needed.

Good luck to all our racers – go have fun and bring home some state championships!

4 Responses to “Time Trial & Weekend Info”

  1. Russ

    Your last blog post said to tell you if they were not racing on Sunday. Collin was going to race but he’s sick currently with a fever and it looks like it’s a mute point since he missed getting signed up. I misunderstood and thought you were asking them to let you know if they couldn’t make it Sunday.

    • ignacio rivera de rosales

      Sorry Russ. I know I made the post sound ackward. I apologize for that. I am still learning how to effectively communicate and I appreciate your and everyone’s understanding. I hope he gets better fast

  2. Nelson

    Driving from our place with room for 2 – 3 additional bikes/riders. Departure time depends on start times of those traveling to the tt with me.