Just a reminder  -tomorrow is the Tuesday Shootout starting at 6AM!

I will be at the clubhouse at 5:30AM should you need to get prepped there.

Whether you are fast and keep up, or not so fast (yet), lets have a nice big presence. I’ll be there to sweep the rear and coach Lynn and Richard might even make appearances.

For Wednesday June 29th, Lynn and I have come up with a great cross training workout! We will be meeting at Himmel park (just to switch it up a bit) at 8AM for an hour. All are welcome! Remember, you requested we continue these workouts, so please be there to honor that.

See you bright and early!


3 Responses to “June 28th and 29th”

  1. Sue

    Hey Elena, is there a ride for the not so fast folks tomorrow or are we all just going on the Tuesday shoot out

    • Elena

      We can make one! It will depend on who shows up. I’m hoping we get a good critical mass and can decide from there. Do come and encourage others to do so! We will make it work.
      See you tomorrow.

  2. Kaileen

    I will not be able to make it the next two Tuesday’s, I will be at a summer camp