Summer begins, well sort of.


Congratulations on finishing Summer Camp. Thank you everyone for making it such a success. The feedback from all has been wonderful and I can’t really thank you all enough.


You commitment to the team, our approach, and ethos always comes shining through during bike camp and I feel it is a critical time of the year for all of us. We all leave smarter and more excited. Thank you all.


I will be gone now for the next two weeks. Elena will be in charge along with Morgan, Lynn and of course Shawn and Veronique, and Chuck. Please be more respectful to them then you are normally.


Over the next two weeks I hope everyone gets to ride a lot and has a great time doing it. The general flow of practice will be:


Tuesday: 6am Fairwheel ride. Sharp 6am on road bikes leaving the clubhouse. Approx. 2 hour ride.


Wednesday: Afternoon Cross training


Thursday: MTB short track night races


Saturday: Shoot out or road ride


Sunday: Long MTB ride.


After these two weeks we are only going to have two months to prepare for the high school season so we will be in interval mode then. So these next two weeks, ride as much as you can, when you can. Most of it  in the dirt. No real training parameters other than ride and have fun.




6am meet at the clubhouse.


Leave by 6:15am


At sweetwater trail head by 6:30am.


Ride for 2.5 hours.

5 Responses to “Summer Begins”

  1. Kristen long

    Dillon will be out of state Wednesday through the following Tuesday

  2. Chuck

    Ride to have fun! How good is that!?!

    Kudos to all you hardcore Sothern Arizona Summertime Moutain Bikers! You all rule!

    Special thanks to my three ride partners that tore up Sweetwater with me. You three were in great form. Keep those attitudes honed and you’re a force to be reconed with.

  3. Chloe

    I was under the impression there would be two weeks off during this time, so I planned my work schedule and other events during this. I was also minorly injured by a moving car on Saturday night, and I’m a bit sore.

  4. Myles

    I also thought these 2 weeks were off. I will go to practice when I can.

  5. Ana

    I have some things that my family already scheduled however if this not a break for us I will go to most practices