Sunday MTB ride will start EARLY to beat the heat as best we can.


Meet at clubhouse at 5:30am. Leave by 5:45am.


Meet at Sweetwater trail head at 6am.


I hope to have great attendance.


Lets have fun playing in the dirt and using our huge engines next season.


Schedule for Next Week Practices:

Monday – Cross training – 6am – 7am SHARP

Tuesday –

Wednesday – Cross training – 6am – 7am SHARP

Thursday –

Friday – Cross training – 6am – 7am SHARP


Summer Bike Camp – Starts Monday at 7:15am SHARP! We would love as many of you who can join to come be part of the fun – but the same expectations apply whether you are being paid or just volunteering. You are a leader, a mentor, a role model for the campers. Please review the expectations and SBC values below

Here is who is eligible to get paid to work for the following weeks. This is based on your responses, attendance, budget and a good balance of newbies and experienced counselors. This is also subject to change based on behavior and program needs. If your name is not here and you are planning on volunteering, too, that is fine. These are the folks we are counting on.

WEEK 1: JUNE 6-10

Paid: Isabel, Eve, Unai, Sam A., Kajeme, Jack, Susie, Cole, Avery, Colter

Volunteering: Pearl, Kaileen, Myles, Rogan, Zaid (in order to get paid for future weeks)


WEEK 2: JUNE 13-17

Paid: Kaileen, Pearl, Zaid, Avery, Isabel, Jack, Colter, Cole

Volunteering: Beryl, Dillon, Ana, Izzie, Isaac


WEEK 3: JUNE 20-24

Paid: Pearl, Rogan, Myles, Zaid, Kajeme, Susie, Quinn, Patrick, Isabel, Newben

Volunteering: Ana, Ethan, Izzie, Isaac




Youth Counselor Expectations


It is an opportunity, not a right, to serve as a youth camp counselor for El Grupo’s Summer Bike Camp Program. It is a job. You must respect it as such. It is also an opportunity to learn how to have a job and how to be a leader, mentor and role model for other youth. While program leaders anticipate youth counselors to make mistakes, we also expect you to learn from them and improve throughout the week.


The following are expectations for all youth counselors:

  • Arrive on time! No later than 7:15am daily
  • DRESS for work. Be professional. No flip-flops, no butt cheek.
  • Remain at camp until the work is done – at least 1pm daily or later
  • Follow instructions of program leaders respectfully
  • Put the campers first – engage with them at all times
  • Leave your cell phones in the OFFICE – 8am – 1pm daily
  • Represent El Grupo well – be a good role model on and off the bike
  • Participate in all activities, presentations, and evaluation sessions
  • Have FUN! If you are enjoying riding your bike and hanging out with the kids, they will enjoy their time, too!

Program leaders reserve the right to approach you if any of these expectations are not being met and to terminate your participation, if need be.


SBC Core Values 

  1. Have fun. Bikes are fun.
  2. Build skills = build confidence
  3. Encourage one and all
  4. Work hard ~ challenges make you who you are
  5. Inspire & be inspired
  6. Be the role model you would want
  7. Communicate with honesty and respect
  8. Build a positive team and family spirit


4 Responses to “Sunday ride & Bike Camp starts Monday – details for next week”

  1. Sam Alexander

    Just to clarify, if my name is not listed under a week, I can still attend and help?

    • Daniela

      Yes, Sam. And in fact, I forgot to add you to the 2nd week as paid with your updated doodle poll. Sorry. You are in for week 1 and 2 paid, and would love your help on the 3rd. Thanks!

  2. Collin Kisiel

    Sorry, I will not be able to make it to practice Wednesday or this weekend because I am going to Mexico with my family. I will be back on Tuesday.