I apologize for the late post.


However I have been telling everyone at camp what is going on, I have told everyone on the weekend rides what to expect for the week and I had told all the coaches at our last meeting.


So I was not on top of the blog, however attendance has been great, so for the most part we are doing just fine.


Thursday evening – be at clubhouse at 6pm – leaving at 6:30pm. Short track racing


Friday 6am sharp Yoga – bring an extra mat if you have one



5:45am old man

6:00 am Big boy

Soon enough would be great to have a 6am C team ride again



6am sharp leave for MTB fun.



If you can only make one ride over the weekend, please prioritize the MTB

One Response to “Thursday 24th, Friday, Saturday and Sunday”

  1. Quinn

    I have a family thing and won’t be able to make it tomorrow.