This is a week 2 in our build for the coming season. It needs to be different than last week and just a bit more stressful. That is why we are doing Tuesday and Thursday at night. I want these to be very high intensity rides with great effort. So sleep in so that you can have great practices.


Remember this as you head to practice and you think about the days you can come.


Please come early on Tuesday if you can to charge a light set. I will re-issue lights for the summer.



Optional: Tuesday morning ride. Leave clubhouse 6am sharp

Mandatory practice 5:30pm leave for the short track.


Short track is the important practice as its when we learn to go fast in the dirt. Having intensity in the dirt is critical. Practicing at race speed in the environment that you will be racing is how you get faster at the applicable task.



6am. Long Road Ride. Working on our endurance. This will ensure that we have great second halves to our races.



5:30pm leaving the clubhouse for the short track. Its really that good of a training area.



5:45am shoot out

6am C team Mountain bike ride.

I want everyone to ride on Saturday.

And I want everyone to bring there stuff for Durango on this day so that we can pack. That way we can leave on Sunday morning with little to no packing up stress.




I will put more leaving information up, however we are going to leave at 7am and drive straight to Durango and then camp. You will need all camping gear.






5 Responses to “Getting Ready for Durango”

  1. Chloe

    I will be unable to make it to practice Tuesday afternoon, I have are plans

  2. Tyler Overson

    I can’t make Thursdays short track practice. I will be up in Phoenix all day to finish up Fort Lewis information with my mom. I am planning on bringing a bike with me to still get a ride in.

  3. Pearl

    I can’t come to practice tonight I have plans with family