Well, that was just about the best trip every.


Thank you so much to all the coaches who came and assisted with everything:


Shawn and Veronique you two are really the best— Thank you!


Chuck– so much love to you. Thank you, your smile is infectious.


Elena– welcome to the team, you became one with it.


Morgan and Lynn– please don’t go. You two add unbelievable amounts to the program.


Training Plan


I am quite confident that we all learned a ton and now are well on top of our skills for the season before us. So let’s now make sure that our motors are ready to go.


Monday– Off rest another day


Tuesday– Morning group road ride. If you are still tired rest. It leaves at 6am sharp


Wednesday– 4:30 start. Capture the flag. Everyone bring a bandana and jersey


Thursday– Off. After the first day of school you should have much to do.


Friday– Off. If you like go on a ride with a friend for an hour to get the legs awake for a good weekend.


Saturday– 5:45 Old Man, 6 am Big boy, 6 am Road ride for c team


Sunday– MTB leave at 6 am sharp.


Please comment on where you might like to go for Sunday MTB

8 Responses to “Post Durango Plan”

  1. Sue

    That was an amzing trip thank you so much! Can we go to the fifty year trail or Honey bee?

  2. Madison

    Honeybee Please. I will try to get off work for Wednesday, it is the final day that the pools are open and we will have lots to do to shut down for the winter. I will try. Thanks for an amazing trip!

  3. Jack

    Thank you so much for the trip, it was so much fun! 50 year trail for saturday

  4. Tyler Overson

    Glad to hear it was such an amazing trip! How long of a road ride in the morning? I have work at 10 so im trying to see if I can make it tomorrow

  5. Izzie

    Thank all the coaches for the most amazing trip. I had so much fun!