Thursday is MTB short track night races!

Before we get on our bikes we are asking you all, whether you are riding or not, to please come in and help us get the clubhouse looking fantastic!

So if you are in town this mini-clean up is mandatory and we’d appreciate the help.

Meet at the clubhouse no later than 5:30PM and depart as close to 6PM as we can! The more of us pitching in the more likely we can do this in time.

See you all then 🙂

8 Responses to “Thursday July 7th”

  1. Tyler Overson

    What time are you wanting people to come in and help clean up?

  2. Elena L'Annunziata

    5:30PM. We can crank it out before the ride!

  3. Beryl Trudinger-Smith

    I’m working tonight so unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. Have fun!

  4. Chloe

    I have work tonight at 4, if there’s anyway I can help clean up before that or after let me know

  5. Elena L'Annunziata

    I and a few others will be at the clubhouse at 5PM to kickstart the clean up. If you can make it early please come help out. The sooner we are done, the sooner we are on our bikes.

  6. Unai

    Sorry, I con’t make it. My aunt and uncle just got into town yesterday and we already had made plans with them this afternoon.

  7. Eve

    Sorry I can’t make it to the clubhouse today,because of an appt.