Tuesday Morning Shootout! Ride starts 6AM sharp, be at the clubhouse by 5:30AM to prep your bikes if you need to.

Alternate Tuesday morning rides are always a possibility, be there to see who wants to join you, options are Lemmon, Gates or Saguaro East?

Tuesday night girls ride! Leaving clubhouse at 5PM sharp, be at the clubhouse by 5PM to help load bikes, hitting Sweetwater trails 5:30PM.

Happy 4th to everybody!

5 Responses to “Tuesday July 5th Rides”

  1. Ana

    I will go to the morning ride but I will be in Phoenix for my cousin’s birthday the rest of the day so I won’t make the night ride. Happy 4th!

  2. Elena L'Annunziata

    Bummer for us! We’ll miss you smile 🙂 See you bright and early.

  3. Veronique

    Any of the Grupo moms who shred are free to join in on the Sweetwater ride! I’m thinking of you Kim, Maya, Gillian, Shannon and who else?! This will be a fun, super mellow ride to get out into nature and enjoy riding MTB together. We’ll take time to session any features that give us trouble. Come join us!

  4. Elena L'Annunziata

    Thank you for an amazing gals night out in the dirt! You all made it an epic experience. And thank you Kate for joining us 🙂