I am very excited to be back. We had an incredible family vacation that I will be happy to share with you all at another time.


For now I want to say, lets get the team back together.


For those that enjoyed the two week break off the bike, because that is what they needed or wanted, welcome back!! I am very happy that you made this decision, and I hope you are excited to be back on your bike.


For those that had time and energy to ride, fantastic. I hope that is what you needed to get excited about the season before us.


Hopefully right now though, we are team that is ready to get back together and have fun finding out who we can be together.


We are two months away from the first high school race of the year which gives us time for two great training blocks, with the first one finishing the three weeks in Durango. Yes this is all planned.


Tuesday: 6am start MTB ride. Approx. 2 hours


Wednesday: 6am start MTB ride, Approx. 2 hours


Thursday: 6:30pm leave the clubhouse for short track racing.


Weekend fun!!


10 Responses to “Week of July 11th”

  1. Steve Bohn

    Are we riding from the clubhouse or driving on Tuesday am for the mtb ride?

  2. Russ

    Collin won’t be riding with El Grupo tomorrow but should be there Wednesday and Thursday.

  3. Tyler Overson

    I wont be able make Tuesday or Thursdays ride. I have work

  4. Sue

    I won’t be around until we leave for Durango I’m on a family camping trip.