Dear riders and parents,

It is time for us to move forward and hold the first of our quarterly Academic Advisory sessions ! Here are how we are dividing the groups and the dates they will be meeting. These are mandatory. The session will be from 430-6PM at the clubhouse

  • 10th and 9th graders will meet on Friday the 26th
  • 6th, 7th and 8th graders will meet Monday the 29th
  • 11th and 12th graders will meet Friday Sept 2nd

What are Academic Advisory sessions? The Academic Advisory sessions are groups of students and coaches who meet quarterly. These sessions serve as the umbrella structure for the academic support we offer, which more broadly includes volunteer tutoring, prep with college applications, PSAT’s, SAT’s etc. They meet to asses where youth are, first and foremost with what classes are they taking? Where have they/are they struggling? How can we help by plugging them into our or other resources? In a nutshell, the Advisory groups oversee progress and make recommendations throughout the school year.

These are meant to be supportive! So riders, please make the effort to be there.



4 Responses to “Academic Advisory Sessions”

  1. Eve

    My parents are out of town for 5 days and I’m staying at a friends house so I can’t make it on Monday.

  2. Elena

    If by chance you cannot make it to the one you are assigned to. Please consider coming to another group! These are important and only meet quarterly. Please let me know if another date works for you. I don’t want the groups to get too out of hand, but I also don’t want you all to miss out!

  3. Nathaniel

    Hi are Grupito members supposed to come too? I can be there tomorrow if I’m supposed to be. Thanks! Nathaniel