Now lets be careful with the rest. It does not mean sit on the coach and eat potato chips. It means get things ready in so many areas of your life.


Like make sure you are caught up in school this week as once the races start there is a little more pressure on your time.


Make sure all your camping equipment is ready to go, so that the weekends are easier.


Make sure your bike is ready to go and you have all necessary clothing for the races.


All these little things will make the transition to racing much easier, and they will allow you to get good rest and to sleep well.


Training Plan


This is a rest week so we are going to ride, however we are going to really focus on skills. I do hope to continue to have the great attendance that I have had over the last few weeks.


Tuesday– No Spandies skills at Barrio


Wednesday– Endurance Road ride. Sam Zukowsky go MTBing with a friend or me


Thursday– No Spandies at Barrio



There are some of you who have been  able to come to just one practice over the weekends, which I understand. However this weekend, if that is you, please prioritize the mountain bike ride.


Saturday– Shoot out


Sunday– MTB. 7am