We are now one month away from the first high school mountain bike race. I want to help prepare everyone to truly enjoy the season. I can give you a good plan, but only you can execute it.


So control all that you can. Stay on top of your school work. Eat well. Get to bed on time. Come to practice and work hard.


Practice Times are changing!!!!!!!!!


All weekday practices will now go until 6:30pm. For years we have finished at 6pm and for years we have always returned late. Changing the time to 6:30pm does not mean that we will be returning after 6:30pm, it means that your kids will be ready to leave at 6:30pm.


So pick up is 6:30pm for sure, or that is what we are trying very hard to do.


Practice Plan


With one month to go we can put together another great block before the first race. This plan only works if you come to practice and you work hard. So please figure out your schedule and stay honest to it.


This will be a week one in this block.


Tuesday: MTB Starr Pass intervals

Wednesday: Road ride. Steady endurance. 3:45 and 4:30 starts, both end at 6:30pm

Thursday: Short track races

Saturday: Shoot Outs and C team ride at 6am.

Sunday: MTB. Should we start later, like 7am?



High School MTB sign up

This week as well at practice we are going to have computers set up so that you can all sign up for the league. It is mandatory that at some point this week you sign up. Please help us get this done.

4 Responses to “One Month Away”

  1. Tyler Overson

    I work all week and since practice times have changed making the later starts will be hard this week so If im at practice thats why

  2. Ana

    Super pumped for the races! 7 sounds good unless the weather says otherwise

  3. Steve Bohn

    I can help out on Thursday but need to be back by 6:15 at the very latest for family duties tonight.