I am very excited with the form that many of you are showing. We are fast right now, our fitness is good, we can pedal.


However we need to be able to carry that speed in the turns and in the dirt. I really want us all to focus on that in the coming weeks.


Tuesday: MTB Himmel park races


Wednesday: Endurance Road ride. A bit easier than we rode last week. I want to ensure the MTB days are where we put on the real energy.


Thursday: MTB short track races


Saturday: Shoot outs


Sunday: 7am sharp leaving for MTB fun


Please everyone come very prepared this week and on time. We will be leaving very sharp these days. So don’t make your friends wait.



2 Responses to “Week 2 and the fitness is good”

  1. Erika Colombi

    Benedict has a school event at Doolen on Thursday and won’t make the practice but he will be there Sunday. Thanks