Parents we are one month away from the first race in Flagstaff.


All information about the series can be found here:


If you plan on attending the races, and we would love it if you can, please look into camping as necessary for you and your family. We have reserved spots for the kids and coaches, but not parents. So please check out the site and all the applicable information so that you can plan ahead.


Remember middle schoolers you are only doing races #2,3 and 4.


In regards to those events I will be traveling up with the middle schoolers on Friday night for their races on Saturday. So parents and coaches I will need your help in getting the high school kids up the races.


Parents we will need your help at camp in the following areas:


Helping with meals, making and packing tents up, feed zone area, camp creation and demolition, and probably other things I am forgetting.


Thank you all for your help

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