Back by popular demand is the chore board!

For those of you not at practice yesterday, Ignacio announced the return of the chore list. Be sure to check it to see if your name was selected to be responsible for a clubhouse chore. Collective upkeep of the clubhouse, while not glamorous, is a team responsibility. Here is a detailed breakdown of the chores and what you should accomplish while tasked with that item.

El Grupo Chore list

  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Vans
    • Vacuum floors
    • Clean windows
    • Water jugs filled
  • Tidy bikes
    • ensure bikes are arranged in a tidy fashion
  • Wipe counters and clean up couch
  • Fill water containers
    • Both cold water containers in fridge and the 5 gallon jugs on the table by bathroom
  • Bathroom
    • Mop floor
    • Clean toilet
    • Clean Sink
  • Fridge
    • Throw out old food
    • Wipe up any sticky residue
    • Clean freezer
  • Mechanics area (is everybody’s responsibility)
    • Last one out of the mechanic’s area is responsible for putting all tools away and ensuring area is clean and tidy