Pack mindfully so that you have all that you need.


Bring Homework, there is time and we will make time and space.


Leaving at 8:30, show up at 8am to help pack.


All wonderful families that have said they can make rice, please if you can, make 5 cups of rice each. White or whatever.


Ladies bring an underwarmer type garment. It might be chilly at race start. Your start is earlier in the morning.


Any family that wants to contribute snacks, FANTASTIC, just make sure they are healthy and we would love to have them.


I have tents ready for all races, so you just need to grab yourself a mat and sleeping bag. Also remember a pillow.


There will be absolutely no riding of the jumps on Saturday. Please don’t ask. You will be allowed to ride after your race on Sunday.


We will be getting back in the late afternoon, early evening on Sunday.


Camp spots are already reserved so we do not need much help there.


We might need an extra camp chair or two.


Riders make sure your bike is clean and ready to go.


Parents please help them have a great dinner tonight and get them to bed as early as you can.


Feel free to ask any question necessary and post it. That way I can answer on the blog as other parents might have the same question.


Thank you all for your support and let’s get excited to be our best


2 Responses to “High School Riders”

  1. Becki

    I will be sending snacks and two camp chairs with Madison. Good Luck to all riders and most of all HAVE A BLAST:)

  2. Ana

    I am not able to get my bike from the clubhouse today to clean it so I will show up a little early on tomorrow to do that