What a fantastic weekend.


I could not be a prouder coach. We set out with a very ambitious goal and we achieved. We came home with two team trophies. Every high school youth that attended the races rightfully stood on the podium. I could not have thought up much better.


This of course only happens because of the beautiful dedication and support of the families and coaches that support this team. Thank you to every coach and parent that came, helped and supported. We need and value every one of you.


We have 3 to go and I hope we can all dream together to take home even more trophies. I am incredibly proud of the fact that every racer this weekend gave their very best. Everybody raced proud and put in the beautiful effort.


This is my supreme goal as coach. That every youth on this team believes in themselves enough to always do their best, and to understand that if they do so, that the result, no matter the result, will be valuable and wonderful.


What we did this weekend has only been done one other time in team history. I hope to make more history in the weeks to come.


Training Schedule and Plan


After two weeks of fitness maintenance we are now going to look for a bump. We should be feeling pretty darn good after this weekend. Not too tired, and hopefully ready to put in some work.



MTB endurance ride



Road Bike VO2 max intervals. Shorter ones.



MTB VO2 max intervals



No Shoot Out.

MTB long hard rides



Ride on Cycling group ride.

Long Endurance road ride.


Over the next two weeks we are going to look for a bump with some real good VO2 max intervals. They will be short, but hard. Please come mentally prepared and excited.


We are doing so well, and I want to encourage everyone to believe in the beautiful of dream of two over all trophies.


Lets go big!!!!!

5 Responses to “Lets keep this thing going”

  1. Chuck

    I’m proud of you all and excited for what’s to come. Shout out to Jeromi for replacing my 9 spd master link when his chain broke at Thursday’s practice. Well done!