Dear parents and riders,

Please read the following carefully, we have crafted a flow chart for the upcoming race weekend in Prescott. The flow of events will be a bit different than in years past, this is because of a limit in camp space. The camp site will only accommodate El Grupo youth, coaches and core volunteers. A more detailed flow chart will be available at camp.


Middle school departs clubhouse after school no later than 4-4:30PM

Lynn and Morgan drive one van arrive 7-730PM


High school departs clubhouse at 8:30AM

Chuck & Elena drive 2 vans with 2 parent volunteer copilots

High school arrives 12-12:30PM

Middle school pack personal items after breakfast (tents stay up for High school to use)

Middle School pre-ride after breakfast and finish packing after race Approx. 5PM depart for Tucson


  • Sophomore boys warm up 9:50AM Race starts 10:50AM
  • Girls warm up 8AM, race at 9AM, back at camp around 10AM
  • JV Warm up 11:30AM Race 12:30AM
  • Post-Race meal 10:30AM-2PM

High school departs from camp post-podium 4-4:30PM