All the little things really matter now.


So get to bed on time, get your homework done on time. Pack early.


This is going to be a prep week, so we are going to have two speeds. Full Gas or super chill.


Tuesday: Openers and hole shot practice


Wednesday: Off. This is a day to pack and get your bike ready.


Thursday: Hole Shot Opener practice. Also I will have all jerseys and bibs ready for you to grab for the season. These are all loaner items so please be prepared to return them at the end of the season.


Saturday: Leaving at 8:30am.


I will put much more information up in regards to the weekend later. Also parents I will need help making a lot of rice. I can provide the rice, just need help making a lot.


Lastly parents please post and tell me if you are planning on coming up.


All information about the race can be found here:



5 Responses to “Race Week”

  1. Catherine James

    We are leaving Tucson around 11 am on Saturday, we should be up there before 3 pm.

  2. Izzie

    Hey Ignacio. I know I already asked, but I would like to double check. I was curious if middle schoolers are allowed to go up to the race with the high schoolers. Thanks again.