Prescott here we come.


After our amazing performance at the first race, I hope we are all very excited to do our bests this coming weekend.


Last weekend we had an amazing number of individual podiums, but we also came in 3rd and 4th overall as teams. We are so very close as well to being 2nd and 3rd. I truly hope to inspire everyone to be their best to support the teams in accomplishing this. We will need everyone to be work as hard as they can to get there. So let’s train smart and be our best to get there.


Results can be found here: for the team standings.


This week we are going to use as a build week so we are ready to race.


Training Plan


Tuesday: 4:30 MTB steady state climbing practice


Wednesday: 4:30 only. Mtb only. Barrio Trails fun. Coaches who typically just ride on the road on these days. I would encourage you to ride in street clothes on your Road Bikes to the park that we go to, so that you may watch what the kids can do.


Thursday: 4:30 Pre race practice. A MTN with hole shots


This week, I, Ignacio will be going up to Prescott on Thursday after school. The camping is going to be very limited and to ensure that we have a good spot I will be leaving after school hours to secure us a spot. That said everyone please be very supportive and helpful for the coaches on Thursday.


When I arrive in Prescott on Thursday I will be securing camp spots and building tents.


Middle Schoolers you will leave town on Friday night and all tents will be built upon your arrival. You will have fun and race on Saturday and then all middle schoolers will leave on Saturday afternoon unless you and your family have made different arrangements.


High schoolers we will do as we did last weekend. Leave on Saturday at 8:30am. All tents will be built upon your arrival, so please everyone ensure that all your mats and bags are ready to go. Also remember that you can and should bring a sleeping bag and home work.


Good news: This weekend will be shorter than last weekend and we are more dialed for this weekend, as we learned things from Flagstaff.


High schoolers remember: Number plates, THE LITTLE THINGS ALL WEEK, and the great love or yourself.


Lets get excited to do this X2




7 Responses to “Race weekend #2 is before us”

  1. Maddy

    I will not be at practice today, because I am sick. However if I’m better tomorrow, I’ll go to Barrio, as well as Thursday.

  2. Lori

    Caleb will be riding home with us on Sunday. We are staying an extra day. Let us know if you need any help on Saturday. We will be there and will be available for whatever.

  3. Ignacio

    Myles you can come to any practice, any time. Also yes, no spandies on Wednesday