I really am a broken record about this, I know. However it really makes such a huge difference.


Get your homework done.

Pack Early, remember your El Grupo Kit for the Saturday pre-ride, bring a sweatshirt, it will be fun chilly

Get to bed early as much as you can

Stay hydrated all week.

Eat well all week.


They really do add up and that is why Tyler is going to represent the USA at the World Championships. I have never know another young person who was so mindful of the little things. He never left a controllable to chance, and for many a year his teammates snickered as he did. Well we are all cheering and laughing in sheer joy now. Tyler is going to the biggest bike race that a junior can possibly go to. Well done Tyler!!


Doha worlds: Phinney, Guarnier headline U.S. team


This coming weekend we are again at elevation so be super mindful about hydration.


After your race remember to get a good post race drink and drink it while you cool down for 15 min. This will make such a good difference a day or two later.


I hope you are all getting excited.