September 17th


Old Man Shoot Out– Starts now at 6:15am

Big Boy– 6:30am


Starting again this weekend we have a C team ride. This is for all Grupo kids who do not do the Shoot Out and have a road bike. Please let us know if you can come out as we have secured wonderful volunteer coaches to lead the ride. 6:15am leaving the clubhouse


Middle school Riders

4pm MTB ride

This ride is for Grupito Middle school riders and any Grupo rider in middle school that cannot come on Sunday. We will be out for 2-3 hours so plan well.




Grupo only. We are going to do the Mt Lemmon ride.


I want to leave the clubhouse at 7am. So please come earlier to pack your bike.

8am on bikes on mountain.

10:30ish we leave the mountain.

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