Riders AND parents,

this is just a reminder that this Friday October 14th we are going to have a big clubhouse clean starting at 4:30PM.

The clean-up is mandatory for riders and we could use some help from parents to supervise and help delegate. You are all an essential part of this team and the more of us pitching in the faster and more efficient we will be.

We will have a detailed list of all that needs to happen and divide folks into 4-5 work areas that are hopefully supervised by an adult.

I know not glamorous, but necessary, please come help out!

See you all Friday

7 Responses to “Clubhouse Clean-up!”

  1. Lori

    Unfortunately we can’t help supervise because my parents are visiting from out of town. However we will make sure Caleb gets there. How long are you expecting it to take?

    • Elena L'Annunziata

      No longer than a practice might be 430-630PM, but hopefully we will be done sooner

  2. Eve

    I won’t be able to make it to practice today because of an appt. but I found out I can make it to the clean up tomorrow.

    • Elena

      Thanks for letting me know Eve! If there are left over things to do we can stay a bit on Saturday after the ride.

  3. Russ

    Collin forgot to let his new boss know not to schedule him for work today. It’s a new job and he hasn’t worked there long enough to ask for it off. Ignacio will find ways to help him make it up, I’m sure. 🙂