Friday— Clubhouse cleanup. I know we ask a lot of all of you and I thank you for putting in the time, once again.


This cleanup is for two major reasons: Fall Fondo is coming up and we are going to have 300 people coming into our area and we want to present ourselves in a good way. So part of what we are doing is preparing for the Fondo. Its like cleaning your room before your Grandparents come over.


Swap Meet. The swap meet is coming up in early November and we annually are able to make up-wards of 3% of our annual budget at it. So we want to have our merchandise ready to go.


Thank you for the HELP!!




Two Rides.


Shoot Out. 6:15am Old Man Start. Please come ride this if you typically make it around. You know who you are.


Fondo Pre-ride. If you typically do not make it around, or you don’t typically come on Saturdays, or you just want a more chill steady ride, then come to this. Many of our super supporters are going to be on the ride and we want to show them a good time and thank them for supporting us. So if you go on this ride, and I hope many of you do, please be nice and talkative.




MTB. We are going to head out to the Arizona Trail. We will need to pack and load the trailers and drive out. I want to leave the clubhouse at 7am. So come early and bring a snack



2 Responses to “Friday, Saturday, Sunday”

  1. Kaileen

    Hey Ignacio. I won’t be able to make it to the fall Fondo pre-ride Saturday, I will be at a lake. I will be here for the clean up today, and the ride on Sunday.

  2. Russ

    Can you tell me where the ride will start from? In case it was easier for us to meet you at the trail.