Let the taper and rest begin. We all have the fitness and skill now to really enjoy the last race. You have all put in a beautiful season of work and I want you all to be super ready for the last race. To do so we are going to rest and get totally tapered.


Training Plan


Tuesday: NO RIDE. Clean your bike. Get is super ready. Also get your road bike ready as well. Coaches I very likely will not make it.


Wednesday: I want to see many middle schoolers who don’t typically show up if you can. Road ride. 3:45 and 4:30 start. Endurance/ Recovery ride. Nice easy talking ride.


Thursday: Play at Barrio Trails.


Friday: Final Clubhouse Clean-up! 4:30PM. All youth who have not attended a clean-up must attend this one. You know who you are…


Saturday: TBD


Sunday: Super Mandatory. Fondo RIDE.

8 Responses to “Getting ready for the last race”

    • Elena

      We will go over this tomorrow (Thursday) But are asking all youth to be there at 6:45AM to mingle with the community

  1. Maddy

    Tomorrow I have a highschool presentation, besides I don’t have a road bike.

  2. Oliver

    Should middle schoolers without a road bike come to Thursday practice?

  3. Eve

    I can’t make it today,or any Wednesdays it just doesn’t work with my schedule.