Calling all bakers! We are looking for a few people to make some specific yummy treats for the Fall Fondo. Maybe you had wanted to volunteer, but could not or all slots were already full? Then, here is your chance.

We are hoping for one of the following two items:

  1. Bite size oatmeal raisin cookies – homemade! – that literally can be eaten in one or two small bites
  2. Brownie or chocolate sheet cake squares – homemade! – that literally can be eaten in one or two small bites

We will have napkins and small plates that people will snack off of, but no utensils, so please – just these items.

Can you help out by making a couple dozen of one of these? Please post if you can and how many you plan to make. We will need them at the clubhouse by Saturday 5pm or Sunday 7am at the latest. 

It would be wonderful if we could have a total of 200 bite size pieces of each of these! All youth riders will get to enjoy leftovers at the end of the event or at practices next week, so bake away!

There will be plenty of other savory and gluten free sweet treats, but we think this gives a nice personal touch, too.


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